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    Team Chat

    Team Chat

    Go Local Direct Team Chat Feature

    Chat with staff

    Where they are available. On their mobile phones.

    Are you tired of sending individual texts to your employees or trying to coordinate communication through multiple channels? Go Local Direct has the solution for you with our SMS Dashboard feature.


    Contact your staff regardless of where you are. This makes it easier to communicate with everyone through one source. No more third-party messaging platforms to stay connected with your team.


    Having all of your chats and messages in one spot helps your business stay organised. Everything is all in one place so that you don’t lose track of anything going on within your business

    With the SMS Dashboard feature

    You can communicate with your employees where they are available on their mobile phones. This is particularly useful for businesses with remote workers or those who are always on-the-go. Whether your employees are in the field, on a job site, or working from home, you can rest assured that they will receive your message.

    The SMS Dashboard also allows you to track who has received and opened your messages, giving you valuable insights into your employee communication. You can even segment your employees by location, department, or role, so you can send targeted messages to specific groups.

    Furthermore, the SMS Dashboard feature is incredibly easy to use. You can create and send messages in just a few clicks, and our user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage your employee communication.

    In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is essential for businesses of all sizes. With Go Local Direct’s SMS Dashboard, you can streamline your employee communication and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your business!

    When it comes to selling cars at your dealership, the process involves multiple people, and this requires teamwork, working together in order to fulfill the needs of both the business and the customer.

    Customers thrive on personal attention when it comes to shopping for high-ticket items, like new cars...
    And this means the success of every sale depends on how well your dealership as a whole is represented to customers.
    When all your employees work together, it helps customers feel more comfortable knowing they have multiple people helping them simultaneously complete successful transactions.
    And we made team communication easier by adding the Team Chat feature to our dashboard.

    No business could run without an A-Team. And how to make sure all your team gel together and deliver excellent work? Through effective communication.

    Yes. That’s the key. Use Go Local Direct's Team Chat to connect with your team on the go over simple text messages.

    When offering multiple services, then it gets hard to keep track of every person on your team…

    And this may in turn affect team communication and overall team efficiency.
    That’s why we built the Team Chat tool into the Go Local Direct dashboard to keep all your employees under the radar and make them deliver excellent results.

    Great communication helps teams work together seamlessly during those chaotic shifts.

    It helps you understand what's really going in your hospitality business, whether it has to do with guests, employees, or anything else.
    And when you're communicating well with your team, it's easier to get them to stick around.
    That’s why we throw in another amazing feature, Team Chat to help your team communicate effectively through simple text messages.

    For solicitors, good client communications can make or break your reputation.

    Whether you’re taking on a new client, emailing or calling someone with an update, or sending out a bill...
    Every time you communicate with your client you shape their idea of what it’s like working with your firm, and a positive experience can mean the difference between a new business referral and a poor review online.
    And part of delivering great services is your team.
    That’s why we built Team Chat inside the Go Local Direct dashboard to help your team communicate seamlessly inside walls and outside with your clients

    When you’re taking a new business off the ground, it’s important to not throw your money on unnecessary subscriptions.

    We offer effective team communication along with other amazing features to…
    Improve overall team efficiency.
    Reduce the number of bills your business have to pay.

    You’re regularly at the beck and call of  home owners and tenants who need your assistance. That may cause your team to miss out on something they can’t see.

    That’s why Go Local Direct's team chat can help keep communication flowing, which may ultimately result in more home sales down the line.

    Want to become the best realtor in your area? Then make your team work like a well-oiled machine.

    Yes. It’s not just about getting more clients or leads…
    Sometimes it requires a great team effort to turn fortunes almost overnight.
    Improve team communication and connect them on the go through Go Local Direct's Team chat tool.
    And fire all other communication platforms eating your bills.

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    From inside your Go Local Direct SMS Dashboard you can connect to our support desk and lets us know how we can best serve your and you business.

    Note: You also have your own customer support desk for your customers in your dashboard.

    Go Local Direct

    Reach Customers Faster ⏱ With Go Local Direct’s SMS Customer Management Platform.

    What is usually the closest thing to a persons hand & eyes? Their mobile phone.

    95% of SMS text messages are read within two minutes from receiving them.

    There is no other channel that comes any where near to that.

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