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    My Go Local Direct

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    My Go Local Direct

    Go Local Direct is a complete SMS platform for Australian Businesses to communicate to their customers and clients.

    Price Pack

    Pricing Plans

    All business accounts require a one time setup fee for each Australian Premium Number. These numbers are unlike most text messaging numbers provided most SMS companies.

    Australian Premium Numbers are actual mobile phone numbers and need to be connected to current Australian phone number account, Telsta, Optus etc.

    Mobile numbers have option to redirect or number option. Example: Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for receptions etc. Configure from your dashboard.


    $ 249 99
    1 Premium Australian Number
    1,000 Monthly Credits
    2 Business User Accounts
    3 Text/SMS Response Keywords
    Text/SMS Autoresonder
    2 Different Departments
    All Chats In One Dashboard (Text, Web, FB Messenger, Email)
    Broadcaster – Schedule Group SMS Messages
    Client/Customer Management/Support Desk
    Appointment Booking & Reminder Tool
    Drag & Drop Digital Coupon & Page Builder
    Reputation Builder
    Analytics & Tracking
    Client/Customer Tag Manager
    Koolwin's FB Live Offers
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    Awesome Feature
    Awesome Feature
    Awesome Feature
    Awesome Feature


    $ 449 99
    1 Australian Number
    3,000 Monthly Credits
    7 User Accounts
    10 Response Keywords
    7 Different Departments
    Plus all Features in Starter


    $ 749 99
    1 Australian Number
    5,000 Monthy Credits
    20 User Accounts
    30 Respone Keywords
    30 Different Departments
    Plus all Features in Starter
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    Go Local Direct

    Reach Customers Faster ⏱ With Go Local Direct’s SMS Customer Management Platform.

    What is usually the closest thing to a persons hand & eyes? Their mobile phone.

    95% of SMS text messages are read within two minutes from receiving them.

    There is no other channel that comes any where near to that.

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