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    At Go Local Direct, we believe that every local business deserves the tools they need to succeed. And that’s exactly what we’ve created with the SMS Digital Kiosk. Our digital kiosks not only collects valuable customer data, but also streamlines the process of adding customers to your SMS list.

    With its user-friendly digital keypad interface, our kiosk makes it easy to gather important information about your customers, including their contact details, purchase history, and more.

    This data can be used to personalize your marketing campaigns and better understand your customers’ needs and preferences. 

    Plus, with the SMS Digital Kiosk, you’ll save time and money by automating the process of adding customers to your SMS list. It’s the ultimate tool for local businesses looking to boost their customer engagement and take their marketing efforts to the next level.

    You have complete control from your SMS Dashboard to setting up & editing your Kiosk Dispalys.

    Go Local Direct SMS Kisok Display Tablet

    Double Opt-In

    Go Local Direct has created the SMS Digital Kiosk – a powerful tool that enables local businesses to connect with their customers more effectively.

    Your customer enter their mobile phone number to become a member inorder to receive coupons and special offers from your business.

    After submission the screen displays to the customer they have just been sent a text message and to complete joining, they must reply YES to confirm & agree to receiving text messages from your business.

    The kiosk screen refreshes back to the keypad after 10 seconds ready for your next customer to join.

    Using a touch screen device the keypad can be placed in any location in your store. 

    Placing a QRCode for your customers to scan to enter their mobile number from their phone. The QRCode can also be placed on and any print or digital media.

    Anyone add a number, however for the number to be added to any SMS list, it first needs to be comfirmed by the phone owner by replying yes to the text message sent to their phone. If there is no yes reply the number will not be added.

    Go Local Direct

    Reach Customers Faster ⏱ With Go Local Direct’s SMS Customer Management Platform.

    What is usually the closest thing to a persons hand & eyes? Their mobile phone.

    95% of SMS text messages are read within two minutes from receiving them.

    There is no other channel that comes any where near to that.

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