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Published on May 24, 2019

Go Local Direct, Local Digital Coupons and Loyalty Cards.

Below is based on US Stats, however this gives a general direction to mobile coupons in Australia

Did you know 31 Billion Digital Coupons will be redeemed worldwide in 2019, up from 16B in 2014 and there will be 1.05 Billion mobile coupon users worldwide by 2019, up from 560M in 2014?

Prcentage of US companies using mobile coupons for marketing
Year US companies (100+ Employees)
2016 36.5%
2016 40.5%
2016 44.5%
2017 48.0%
  • 68% of Consumers Believe That Coupons Build Brand Awareness,
  • 68% Also State Coupons Generate Loyalty
  • 60% of Consumers Love To Receive Digital Coupons; 50% Are More Likely To Visit A Store If They Have Received One
  • 77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more than anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons, compared to 17% who spend over $50
  • 59% of consumers state that out of all the different types of promotions a retailer can employ, digital coupons still sway them the most when it comes to influencing a purchase decision
  • 62% of smartphone owners are extremely or very likely to use digital coupons in the future
Emails that contain a coupon have an open rate of more than 14%, an increase in unique clicks of 34%, a transaction completion rate increase of 27%, a 48% increase in revenue per email sent
  • 55% of consumers use a smartphone to find a coupon while shopping in-store
  • 87% of all digital coupon users will be using mobile coupons by 2021
  • 39% of shoppers who receive personalized coupons, promotions, or recommendations while shopping in-store spend more
  • 18% of worldwide online consumers use online or mobile coupons while shopping in stores, and 65% are willing to use them
  • 49% of US smartphone owners have used mobile coupons on their devices, compared to 10% for tablet owners
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